To help you stay informed, project documents and meeting materials will be available for download. If you have any trouble downloading the documents below, please contact us.

Middle Tennessee Transit Plan 

This report summarizes nMotion recommendations to improve transit service in the region. It includes an overview of public engagement, strategic recommendations that summarize key actions for improving transit in Middle Tennessee, benefits and costs associated with the recommended plan, and a discussion of immediate and long-term next steps. Click here to review the plan.

Comments on the Middle Tennessee Transit Plan Aug. 17–Sept. 20, 2016
From Aug. 17–Sept. 20, 2016, Middle Tennesseans had the opportunity to review the transit recommendations and voice their opinions. They provided feedback in a broad variety of in-person and online venues, including public meetings, the nMotion website, and social media channels Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor, as well as email, postal mail and the comment sections of online news stories about the plan. Click here to review the 900+ plus comments the Nashville Metro Transit Authority and Regional Transportation Authority of Middle Tennessee (MTA/RTA) received during this public review period.

nMotion Community Engagement Report
Since April 2015, Nashville MTA/RTA has collected more than 18,000 survey responses and comments in a regionwide public discussion of the best strategies to improve regional mobility. The nMotion process was developed with the understanding that input from as many Nashville-area residents as possible will help Nashville MTA/RTA develop the best mass transit system possible. This report summarizes public engagement activities from January through July 2016. Click here to review.

AppendicesnMotion Community Engagement Report
These records document outreach conducted by Nashville MTA/RTA during the nMotion planning process.

  • The Organizational Appendix  is a list of key civic organizations, advisory boards and committees, and stakeholders invested in the nMotion planning process.
  • The Meeting Appendix documents meetings designed to allow the public the opportunity to hear about the Nashville MTA/RTA Strategic Plan and give input. Meetings were also listed on the nMotion website.
  • The Engagement Appendix lists comments on the nMotion website and social media channels, from relevant news stories, and from public meetings. It serves as an overall database of engagements received through all outreach methods.

Transit Plan Booklet 
This booklet summarizes the Middle Tennessee Transit Plan. Click here to review.

Presentation to the RTA Board on Transit Plan Adoption
This presentation was given at the RTA board meeting on September 21, 2016 prior to the RTA board voting unanimously to adopt the plan. Click here to review.

Presentation to MTA & RTA Boards on draft Transit Plan
This presentation was given at a joint meeting of the MTA and RTA boards on August 17, 2016.  It outlines the nMotion Transit Plan. Discussion Forum
nMotion was a collaborative project with many opportunities for the public to provide suggestions and feedback.  Over 300 comments were received through the Discussion Forum here on the nMotion website but please note that the Nashville MTA/RTA is no longer accepting comments on these materials through these pages.  If you’d like to share your opinion please contact us. To review the comments Nashville MTA/RTA received please visit the Discussion Forum.

Middle Tennessee Future Transit Improvement Scenarios

Scenarios at a Glance
Nashville MTA/RTA has developed three future scenarios for Middle Tennessee and Nashville’s transit future. Each scenario demonstrates different ways that Nashville could develop public transit through 2040 by showing where improvements could be made, but differ largely in the level of transit improvements that would be implemented. Read the full report to learn about each scenario in detail.


Scenarios Details: Strategy Papers
These reports take a detailed look at some of the strategies and issues across all 3 scenarios. To view the comments received on these reports please visit our discussion forum.


Transit Improvement Opportunities for Middle Tennessee

This report summarizes the state of transit in Middle Tennessee and identifies opportunities to improve transit service in the region. It includes:

  • An introduction to the importance of transit, community values and guiding principles for transit improvements in Middle Tennessee
  • The market for transit in Middle Tennessee, providing an overview of where it is needed today and where it is anticipated to be needed in the future
  • Key challenges to making transit an attractive alternative to driving
  • Transit strategies focusing on the most effective and relevant approaches for Middle Tennessee
  • Next steps for implementation of this plan

Community Engagement Progress Report, April — December

nMotion has established a variety of public channels of communication to explore Middle Tennessee’s transit needs. In nine months of outreach, we’ve received more than 8,000 comments and surveys. During the process, we’ve established values to incorporate in any transit system like convenience, safety and dependability, created guiding principles for future decision-making, and evaluated state-of-the-art strategies for their fit in Nashville and its surrounding counties.

Guiding Principles

This document gives an overview of the four principles that will direct future projects.

 nMotion Planning Process Update (11.16.15)

This presentation outlines the history leading up to the current nMotion process, the backdrop to current plans for Middle Tennessee transit, what nMotion is hearing from Nashvillians, the next steps and how the Metro Council will be involved.

Transit Strategies Series:

Nashville MTA/RTA produced this series of short reports to describe each strategy presented in the MTA/RTA Service Improvement Strategies Overview in more detail. These reports describe how these approaches are used elsewhere and how they could potentially be implemented in Middle Tennessee.  Feedback gathered on these specific strategies was used to put together a number of scenarios for residents to consider starting in January 2016.

To view the comments received on these reports please visit our discussion forum.

MTA/RTA Service Improvement Strategies Overview (full report)

This report gives an overview of the options that Nashville MTA/RTA will have to choose from to make improvements to our transit system. The opportunities presented in this document are not intended to represent an all-inclusive list of possible improvements; instead, they are an initial look at those that could provide the highest value for Nashville MTA and RTA of Middle Tennessee. They are also opportunities that reflect the most important desires expressed by stakeholders—that service should be convenient, dependable, frequent, and safe.


 State of the RTA System (full report)

The State of the RTA System Report provides an overview of existing Regional Transportation Authority of Middle Tennessee (RTA) transit services and an evaluation of how well these services match transit demand in the region, both today and 25 years in the future. Based on those findings, the report presents the key issues facing RTA and serves as a starting point for the strategies and recommendations that will inform the final Nashville MTA/RTA strategic plan, nMotion, to be released in spring 2016.

 State of the MTA System (full report)

The State of the MTA System Report provides an overview of existing Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) transit services and an evaluation of how well these services match transit demand in Davidson County, both today and 20 years in the future. Based on those findings, this report presents the key issues facing MTA and serves as a starting point for the strategies and recommendations that will inform the final strategic plan.

nMotion Project Overview one pager

nMotion Project Overview in Spanish

This document covers an overview of the project, how the strategic plan will be conducted and ways for residents to get involved.

MTA and RTA at a glance

This document has everything you need to know about the existing service and budget for MTA and RTA.

Transit Talk Presentation

We’re presenting at events and organizations around the Nashville area using this presentation, which provides an overview of MTA’s existing service, what improvements could be made and a timeline for the yearlong nMotion process.

nMotion Community Meeting Kickoff presentation (04.07.15)

MTA/RTA kicked off the first phase of a year-long strategic planning process with a round of community meetings on Tuesday, April 7. The meetings featured an overview of the process by Nelson\Nygaard, an international firm that works with municipalities to develop full-service transit systems, and an interactive session allowing participants to define their values and principles surrounding transit.

A number of other planning processes are taking place in Nashville, including Metro Public Works’ WalknBike and Metro Parks & Recreation’s Plan To Play. Like nMotion, these agencies are gathering input through surveys and holding series of meetings to seek community input and collect feedback on the plans. The nMotion team is keeping abreast of these and other relevant planning efforts within Nashville so that information relevant to our work will be incorporated into the nMotion plan. Coordinating our work with other Metro departments as they embark on new initiatives and plans will ultimately ensure a better Nashville.

If you’d like to learn more about other planning processes, visit the websites below.


Plan To Play:



The Nashville MTA and RTA Board discussed regional transit recommendations at its public meeting on Aug. 17, 2016.  You can view the entire presentation in the video below.

After watching the video, make sure that you review the plan online here:

Watch more videos on the nMotion YouTube channel.