nMotion Transit Plan

The nMotion transit plan is the result of more than a year of public engagement and technical analysis, and has been designed to meet future needs in a manner that reflects regional planning efforts and desires expressed through extensive civic engagement.

This report includes an overview of public engagement, strategic recommendations and key actions for improving transit in Middle Tennessee, benefits and costs associated with the recommended plan, and a discussion of immediate and long-term next steps. This report is also accompanied by several appendices that document the extensive technical work and public engagement that inform the nMotion plan.

nMotion Final Report 161223-1

nMotion Plan

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Public Engagement
Chapter 3 – The Plan
Chapter 4 – Program Benefits & Costs
Chapter 5 – Next Steps
Chapter 6 – More Information


Appendix 1 – MTA State of the System
Appendix 2 – RTA State of the System
Appendix 3 – Improvement Opportunities Briefing Book
Appendix 4 – Improvement Opportunities
Appendix 5 – Scenarios at a Glance
Appendix 6 – nMotion Community Engagement Report
Appendix 7 – Technical Memos
Appendix 8 – Strategy Papers