Transit Priority

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Transit service is most attractive when it is faster than driving, or when the time differences are reasonable. To make transit faster, it can be given priority over regular traffic. This can be done through various measures, including:

  • Grade separated busways
  • Exclusive bus lanes
  • Peak-period-only bus lanes
  • Queue-jump lanes
  • Transit signal priority
  • Freeway shoulder use by express buses to bypass congestion

Should Nashville MTA/RTA consider using transit priority? Where do you think transit priority measures would be effective? What would you do to decrease travel times? What are your thoughts?


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  4. Chris says

    Busses should ride in dedicated lanes and have signal priority anywhere they are getting regularly stuck. As soon as public transit is stuck in traffic, it is unreliable and basically useless.

  5. Anon says

    In order for transit to be successful it needs to be more convenient than travel via automobile. To that end, any transit improvements or new services NEED to operate free of interference from automobile traffic in dedicated transit right of way.

  6. David Smith says

    Transit signal priority … yes of course. Although I would be worried that it would lead to cars “drafting” behind the buses to get through the lights.

    Buses on the highway? Why? Highway routes should be rail.Take the inside lanes from the highways for rail lines.

    No buses on the highway shoulder. That sounds very dangerous.

  7. Mary says

    Yes…to Transit Signal….this should have been implemented in Green Hills years ago and every feeder highway.
    Former Mayors have been against this. Officials have said if we make things miserable enough then people will ride the bus. This is not the way to achieving bus ridership.
    I like bus only lanes a.m. and p.m. on interstates and on the feeder highways. Fast makes people happy!

  8. Tony Birmingham says

    Safety first!! Bus should not have special priority. For express, I like the idea of light rail to some central location. I am thinking maglev monorail system mounted on a steel pole which would not take up a tremendous amount of space. Get people downtown and that takes a lot of cars off the street. BTW: Central Parking will be against this.

  9. Jan says

    I believe the idea of transit priority is good. I do however, have a couple of concerns. If buses were given access to drive on the shoulder of the interstates, how will emergency vehicles get to where they are needed? Often they have to use these lanes themselves to get to a crash.

    I wouldn’t want to have the transit priority interfere with emergency services and cause someone to be injured worse because they had to wait.

    I’ve also seen many vehicles parked on the shoulder of the road because they are broken down. How would we keep this from posing problems for both those with the cars and those using mass transit?

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