Transit Improvement Opportunities for Middle Tennessee

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This report includes:

  • An introduction to the importance of transit, community values and guiding principles for transit improvements in Middle Tennessee
  • The market for transit in Middle Tennessee, providing an overview of where it is needed today and where it is anticipated to be needed in the future
  • Key challenges to making transit an attractive alternative to driving
  • Transit strategies focusing on the most effective and relevant approaches for Middle Tennessee
  • Next steps for implementation of this plan

Please read the report and share your thoughts below.

What do you like in this report? What is missing? What would you change?


  1. says

    I guess the final report is getting the finishing touches before publication. At this stage it appears that even the boldest step forward does little to get BRT Lite and local bus service to some corners of the county.

    I put my minimum expectations in a fuller description of the “Loop and Bows” ideas posted earlier at . I’ll compare it to even the timid $800 million option when that comes out.

    I look forward to the actual report with the three broad options.