State of the MTA System

The first step of nMotion was to assess the state of the existing MTA transit system. The State of the MTA System Report provides an overview of existing MTA transit services and an evaluation of how well these services match transit demand in Davidson County, both today and 20 years in the future. Based on […]

A Dilemma For Nashville Transit: Give Current Riders Better Service Or Try To Woo New Ones?

Nashville Public Radio Tony Gonzalez Nashville’s newest study of mass transit has uncovered two distinct camps of people, meaning that it won’t be easy for transportation leaders to please everyone. A city survey of more than 3,000 people, about what they want in mass transit, revealed strong interest in convenient, dependable, frequent, and safe service. But […]

MTA poll yields … expected responses

Nashville Post Nashville-area mass transit — in our city’s case, almost exclusively buses — should be (and this is no surprise) convenient, dependable, frequent and safe, according to residents who participated in the first phase of a year-long strategic planning process known as nMotion 2015 The Metro Transit Authority (MTA) and Regional Transportation Authority of […]