This Nashville area is best-poised to get new mass transit first

Nashville Business Journal Eleanor Kennedy If, as the business community hopes, an aggressive, $5 billion-plus mass-transit plan is adopted, residents of Gallatin may be the first to land another option for their commute to Nashville. Thanks to pre-existing right of way along Vietnam Veterans Boulevard, the northeast corridor from Gallatin to Nashville “may be ideally […]

Nashville chamber backs robust, costly regional transit plan

The Tennessean Joey Garrison Commutes in Middle Tennessee continue to get longer as traffic congestion worsens, and the region is expected to grow by another 1 million people over the next 25 years. That forecast is recited routinely by Nashville’s political leaders — and yet finding a mass transit solution has remained as elusive today as two […]

Mayor Barry: How to pay for transit is the challenge

The Tennessean Joey Garrison With the Nashville area Chamber of Commerce jumping on board Wednesday, momentum is building for an ambitious regional transit plan in Middle Tennessee headlined by light rail on major Nashville corridors and commuter rail that extends to surrounding counties. But assembling a plan, which is an ongoing effort, will likely be the […]