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Common features of express bus service include:

  • Moderate- to long-distance service, often 10 to 30 miles.
  • Very limited stops, often only one or two at the outer ends of the route, as well as limited stops in downtowns.
  • Rush-hour-only service; in cases where midday and/or evening service is provided, it is usually limited.
  • A primary focus on suburb-to-downtown service, although occasionally service to other markets.
  • Service with commuter, or “over the road,” coaches that are the same as those used by intercity bus operators instead of standard transit buses.
  • Primary access via automobile, especially for suburban-to-downtown services.

On which routes would you install express bus? What features would encourage you to ride the bus? What are some advantages and disadvantages of express bus compared to other regional service options?


  1. Peachie J. says

    Sometimes I feel like express buses are geared toward the government employees and no one else, because the express buses stop running at approximately 5:00pm. I wish at least one additional express bus ran in the evening at 6pm or 7pm for those of us who work past 5pm or who miss the earlier express buses.

    • says

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  2. Roy Wellington says

    Express Bus would generally be an RTA service but MTA should demand a stop at the regional hub at the edge of Davidson County before heading into downtown. The regional hub would connect to RapidBus service, local bus service (both Davidson’s and the neighboring county’s), and parking.

    The regional hub would be situated so a future light rail system stop is part of the design.

    Otherwise, this is not so much of a Nashville project as it is an RTA project in the surrounding counties. It should be paid for by the surrounding counties and downtown employers. Ask yourself: who else wants it? All of the meetings for Express Bus are in the surrounding counties, commercials, and downtown developers.

    Not the bypassed.

  3. Ms. Margaret says

    Serveral of us commute to and from Vanderbilt via the 38X and the 7. Everyday, we miss the connection by less that 2 minutes. For example the morning bus frequently arrives at music city at 7:15 am. The number 7 bus leaves music center at 7:15 am. The next number 7 is at 7:30. WE are late for work when we miss the 7:15 am. Is it possible to adjust the schedule slightly?

  4. Mallory says

    East Nashville residents need a direct route to Vanderbilt/West End. It is currently inefficient to have to connect downtown to travel less than 5 miles.

  5. Trevor says

    We need extended bus routes that cover most of greater nashville. We oftentimes find it difficult to get to work out in Antioch or Brentwood. And some buses stop running too early or doesnt cover important stops such as the number eighteen. And we could certainly use a connector between nolensville and murfreesboro rds.

  6. Denise Jackson-Holder says

    Dependable lighting, Shelters, Seating and realtime info at Express/Park&Ride locations. (ie: Rivergate)

  7. Pamela Roller says

    Express bus from Bellevue park and ride area would be fantastic! Buses leaving every 10 mins within “rush hour” times. Otherwise, every 30 mins or 1/hour. Buses with wifi. Ideally interstate has a ‘bus lane’ between hours of 7-9am and 4-6pm. Bus can zip you into mid town (stop near hospitals/gov’t area – Church street?) and then into downtown (near the river).

    Electric or “green” bus would be ideal. Monthly passes or passes to use for X number of trips so riders can just swipe and go. Kiosks for purchasing tickets or purchase directly from driver.

    We lived in Oxford, England and rode the bus from the park&ride car park every day. It cost just 1 pound to park all day. Buses ran every 10 minutes. Easy!