Better Facilities and Amenities

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While well-designed bus stops can improve a customer’s experience, poorly designed bus stops can decrease customer satisfaction, make transit less attractive to potential new customers and make waiting at stops unsafe for riders.

Each stop serves a unique location and provides access to a specific rider, yet many transit agencies do not pay sufficient attention to differing needs for a wide range of stop locations. Developing clear and practical bus stop design guidelines can provide the structure and process needed to improve overall transit system quality. Each stop requires certain key design elements to be safe, accessible, reliable and comfortable for passengers. As ridership at a given stop increases, agencies can install additional amenities that enhance the overall transit experience.

What would you do to provide better facilities and amenities? What guidelines would you adopt for all stops? When would you call for improvements based on ridership?


  1. Stephen says

    Music City Center is a disappointment. In spite of people regularly sweeping, it looks depressing and worn. The restrooms are a catastrophe! The lower level has so many lights that are out there are places that are hard to see. The ticket machines are usually out of service.

  2. Peachie J. says

    While I appreciate the larger and covered bus stops on the 15/55, I think expansion and improvement of bus stops should be a lower priority. Once I have the app, I will not wait at bus stops as much as I currently do. With the app and real-time arrival times, I will sync my arrival to the bus stops with the buses’ arrivals. I will no longer arrive early (to make sure I do not miss the bus) or have to wait for it to come, because I know when the bus will be arriving. Because I – and I believe other passengers – will be at the bus stop for less time, the stop itself takes on less significance, especially over time (as more people have the app and MTA can adjust route schedules with the real-time feedback).

    That said, it would be helpful if the route was identified on the bus stop sign. Other cities do that and I have found it helpful. (If for no other reason than I can look at a bus stop sign and know which route services my commute route or that I am in the right place if I am riding a route for the first time.)

    Regarding the other comments, some stops do tend to have more trash than others… I think this is related to the volume of riders at that stop and the pride and respect those riders have for the community. I am not sure if MTA should (or should even have to) invest in trash pick-up. There are trash cans.

    I agree that the cleanliness of the Music City Central’s bathrooms is subpar.

  3. says

    The constantly-broken glass panels that adorn the bus stops along Gallatin Pike is a big upset. Maybe there is a more substantial material that could thwart the activities of vandals.

    I am also in the business of Advertising, and would love to see an updated platform for media upon these structures. Something that might possible deter less-desireable media by attracting higher-end businesses. Giving them an artistic function might also help deter the vandals.

  4. M. S. says

    I wonder why every bus stop currently being built is tiny for a place that wants to increase ridership?
    Other cities have solar powered fans and heaters.
    And, I agree with the above person about the downtown bus station needing cleaner a facility.

  5. Sonya says

    Bus Stops should be clean and properly maintained as well. I’m tired of seeing all of the trash. There is one enclosed stop on Gallatin Pike that had glass smashed out. It’s been sitting there with yellow tape for several, several weeks now. And it irks me to see these “Adopt-a-Bus Stop” signs. Businesses shouldn’t feel they need to maintain the bus stop near to them. Money should be found in local taxes and/or MTA funds.

    • Anne says

      Everything is easier when you have a citizenry that takes care of its community resources. Let’s find a way to promote a greater sense of civic responsibility among ourselves.

  6. Sonya says

    Please do better job with maintaining Music City Central bathrooms and lounge facilities. I remember when they were brand new. Now, you’re lucky if you get a bathroom stall that locks. Most cubicles look dirty now. And the lounge room keeps losing chairs. It looks tacky – like you don’t want people there. CLEAN BATHROOMS AND LOUNGE AREAS.

    Also: Add food vendors inside MCC. I expected this in 2008, and I was disappointed that this never happened. Now, if you are lucky – you may catch the hot dog guy outside. Also it would be nice to have vending machines as well.

    And better security guards: One time I spoke my concern about a couple getting too intimate while waiting for a bus. The SG just ignored me.

    Real-time Communications Boxes: You need to add better (or more) real-time comm boxes so that people will know who/what/when/where.

  7. Logan says

    1. Have wifi available on all buses and at more popular stops.

    2. Design new buses to have more of a”coffee shop ” feel with small tables and workspaces included.

  8. Denise Jackson-Holder says

    1. Have all stops well lit !!!!!!
    2. Wherever possible have covers at the stops
    3. Have a bus run on Church Street again between 18th and downtown.

    • Beth says

      Denise says about the stops:

      1. Have all stops well lit !!!!!!
      2. Wherever possible have covers at the stops.

      I agree completely with the first suggestion. Not only is it unsafe for pedestrians without lighting, but the drivers are unable to see waiting passengers.

      On the second suggestion, I like covers. However, homeless people use the covered stops as bathrooms and/or apartments. Instead of covers, each stop should have a bench or 2 or even 3.

      Will homeless people park themselves on such benches all day and even overnight? Yes. But they won’t be using them as bathrooms. And we’re trying to make these stops attractive and safe. A well-lit bench is attractive and safe, and I just carry my umbrella with me all the time.