Request a “Transit Talk”


We need your help identifying groups to talk to and events to attend. If you’re interested in having someone from Nashville MTA/RTA come speak to your business or organization about nMotion, please fill out the form below. For a list of upcoming Transit Talks and nMotion events please visit our Events page.

 If you’re organizing an event for more than 50 people, then you can also request the nMotion bus. The bus will be outfitted with information about the nMotion process and travel to various locations and special events throughout the region so that you can talk with the project team one on one. Please review the nMotion bus policy before requesting it. 


Policy for nMotion Bus

Nashville MTA/RTA wants to serve our community as efficiently and effectively as possible. In order for us to best do that, we ask that you follow these guidelines when reserving the nMotion project bus:

  •  Please reserve the bus at least two weeks prior to the date of your event.
  • Availability of the bus is determined by the ability of Nashville MTA/RTA staff and volunteers to attend. We may not always be able to attend events for the duration based on scheduling limitations, as well as safety and logistical considerations.
  • Please fill out the event request form as thoroughly as possible, providing plenty of detailed information about your event.
  • Please do not request the nMotion project bus for personal events or campaign-related activities. Our goal is to attend as many community-based events as we can, and we’re unable to accommodate events that do not serve the entire community or are affiliated with a specific political candidate.

 Thank you for your interest in the nMotion process.